Want great wedding photographs? Follow these ten tips....

  1. Book a decent photographer.

    YUP!!! I cant stress this enough. But doing this may be difficult. how do you know who is the best? how much do you spend?

Do your research. Wedding blogs are great. Look through real weddings, Check out the photographers site and make a short list. Pricing differs in location, experience and what package your wanting. But I would highly recommend spending over £1000.

The average cost of a wedding photographer in the uk is between £1200 - £2500. Don’t skimp on the photography. You will only regret it if you do. People always say to me, I wish we didn’t use a friend, or I wish we spent more as we don’t have any photos. This is upsetting and you should always be able to look back on photos and think wow!

Wedding cake Ashley liv Photography

2. have an engagement session:

If your photographer offers and enagagemt session then do it! Its a great way to practice infant of the camera and get some beautiful photos of yourself.


trust your photographer. you have picked someone who is talented, for there style . You need to enjoy the day and not worry that the photographers forgotten to photograph the dress. Trust them! They have been doing this for a long time and they know what people want. Of course if there is something you wanting then let them know, a shot of a locket or something they might know is important. But don’t hand them a blow by blow list of every single shot you want. Allow your photographer to do there job.

4. Think about Light!

I know this is something that might be a surprise. but consider the light. If your having a winter wedding have an earlier ceremony. The light disappears at 3:30-4pm therefor the light goes for your photos. And your portraits are difficult to get.

\When looking at venues think about the light in each room. Is the bedroom small and pokey? is the ceremony dark with small windows? Remember the photography is essentially painting with light and if there is non, there is only so much the photographer can do. They will have to use flash and thats distracting.


5. Think about the ceremony.

The ceremony is the most important part of the day. And photographing it is so important. But some religious venues won’t allow the ceremony to be photographed, or will insist that the photographer is at the back of the room the whole time.

As a photographer this is gutting to har the morning of the wedding so if you really value these images, make sure you speak to whoever is officiating your ceremony to find out if there is any limitations beforehand.

another thing to consider is to politley ask your guests to not take photos during the ceremony . Guests holding up mobile phones as you walk dow the aisle or flashes going off through out the vows are only going to distract you and other guests. Also ruin a shot. It has happened!

6. Make up!

If your not booking a make up artist understand make up for your big day. They understand you need some make up, foundation so you don’t look blotchy or caked with make up.

Don’t go nuts with the spray tan!! don’t look like a Oompa Loompa….. it really doesn’t look good on the images. Don’t try new remedies just before the big day either… Don’t do pre wedding pamper sessions the day before the wedding either. Do it a week or two before.

Make sure your have powered and lipstick in your bag. Or bridesmaids bags. For little touch ups through out the day.


7. Get creative

Your photographer is not just there to snap away aimlessly. Wedding photographers are super creative Buch so be open to there ideas and again TRUST THEM,,,,

Also if you want a nice shot of your dress and shoes. Get them out already for the photographer. It really is very helpful that its all out ready to photograph so the photographer doesn’t have to bother you asking where they are…

8. Leave enough time.

Time in weddings isn’t bucket fulls so the more time you have for your photographer the better the photographs. Ask them how much time they need. Group shots are known to take time. So if you know your family may be a little difficult then get married 30 minuets earlier so you know there is more time incase the groups don’t listen…..

9. Posing for photos.

I am writing a post about posing. Obviosly a photographer will help you pose. But it doesn’t hurt to know how to pose. Have a play before the big day. Look at images on Pinterest and know what you want and like and and play around with a pal taking photos. It helps for the big day. I usually like to photograph the natural elements of you as a couple but it does help to know what you like in a posed shot. Keep an eye out on my blog about posing.


Yes we too need fed. photographers are people too. And we need food to carry on in till the night. After working on there felt for 8+ hours they too need grub. The photographer usually says they eat the same time as you. Photographers are usually given there meal last but if you let the venue know give the food first to us we will be able to get back to work quicker giving you more images.

Have I missed anything? Let me know!