Questions to ask a wedding photographer

  1. what is your preferred style of photography?

    Traditional, Artistic, Natural light, photojournalism light and airy and dark and moody. Its always imporant to know the photographers style. And to know what your wanting a well.

    Ashley’s answer - I love a little bit of lifestyle, photojournalism, light and dark. I love to change my style to suit a couple.

  2. How long have you done weddings for?

    now its important to know this. You don’t want to have your photographer never done a wedding before. Weddings aren’t a easy job and having a compleat newbie would be risky for your memories. But some one who has done it a while is good to have on board as they have the knowledge and understanding of what they need to do and get done.

    Ashley’s answer: 10 years!!!! yup I have been doing to a while and I love it!

  3. Have you shot at my venue before?

    If they haven’t done think this is a negative. I always find when I get a new venue I am excited and cant wait to do the job as its a new place to play with. But always do a venue site visit with the photographer and ask if they would do this?

Ashley’s answer: I love a new venue! I go nuts! its exciting. As I said above some where new to photograph! Also I always do a wedding venue visit with you!

4. do you bring in your own lighting?

the answer should be yes! if not ask why?

Ashley’s answer - Yes I do, I have a few lighting options. I always bring what I need though as I would have go to your venue and assess what I need.

5. Can I ask for a certain images to be taken?

if yes then ask how they will do this?

Ashley’s answer: Yes of course I always say though it will be in my style and know it will be you in the photos. I have had in the past can I get a Kim kardashian photo - With no flower wall it was a little difficult!

6. Can I ask for additional hours?

They should be ok with this.

Ashley’s answer- yes

7. Do you bring a second shooter?

always as this, Some photographers don’t use a 2nd shooter some do but for extra.

Ashleys answer- I have one available if you want one. This is Chris. Chris is my husband and he also is a professional photographer. He is extra. with 2 photographers you get so many photos and nothing is missed. I am also going to training up or using more new photographers in the future which is exciting.

8. how many images can I expect to see from my wedding?

on average photographers take between 1,200 and 3000 images at your wedding but that doesn’t mean you will see all those images. typically brides see anywhere from 150-400 images.

Ashleys answer- So it depends on your package. For full day I tend to give a minimum of 350 images. but always go way over:)

9.How long does it take to receive the images?

Each wedding photographer is different. Some 1 month, some longer. It should never be 1 year!

Ashleys answer- So I always say 5-8weeks. But I try and aim to 1 month.

10. Is an album included?

some photographer offer it as a package price. some have it as an extra.

Ashley answer: I offer as an extra. my albums can be added on when ever you like. Before or after the wedding.

11. do you our photographs?

Ashleys answers ; yes I sometimes use it on my website and instagrams but I am always happy to not if the couple wish not to be used.

12. how much is the deposit?

Ashleys answer : my deposit is £250.

13. when is the balance due?

Ashleys answer: It is due a month before the wedding but couples can pay it off when they like.

14.. what is your cancellation policy?

Ashleys answer. You can cancel when ever you like but my deposit is non refundable.

15. do you hand over the raw files?

No photographer would do this. its not something you would do as a professional photographer.

Ashleys answer. Yup I agree I wouldn’t hand over the raw files. You don’t need that and you need to trust we have picked the best photos.

if you have some questions which I have forgotten then add your questions.