A change in the weather for a pre-wedding shoot.

Hannah and Terry are getting married next month and I am so excited as they are a amazing fun couple but its also at kirknewton stables and I love that venue.

So we had a pre wedding shoot. These guys live in Inverness so I decided it would be fun to do the Dunkled hermitage ark because its beautiful. The day we picked I woke and the weather in Edinburgh wes stunning.. I drove and the closer I got to the location the Rainer it became……. arrived and it was tipping it down. So we started and it was wet wet wet. But it was also beautiful… Now the best ting was I knew Hannah and Terry needed to go down to Edinburgh So I suggested a quick stop off at Cammo estate so we can get some sunny photos.. Well we got the best of both worlds. Check them out.

Ashley-liv Jamieson