The threat of the snow didn't stop this wedding!

So Jill and Murray’s wedding was a thrill for me! Biggest reason as Jill is almost family! Jill is my sisters partners sister! so when they wanted me to photograph there day I was thrilled! Jill and Murray were awesome! Getting Murray was easy to see why Jill was so happy!

Jill and Murray decided to get married at lock ness country house. What I love was they had the whole place to them selfs. Before this day started though We had a mission getting up there. It was the weekend of the beast from the east! SNOW SNOW SNOW! it was amazing. I was locked in and could not budge but with the help of my husband we managed to get through the worst of it in Edinburgh and hit the road and leaving the snow behind!

Arriving in Inverness and there was no snow inside. Wont lie I was disappointed! I wanted a white wedding! But the venue was beautiful and I was really excited! The oppertunity’s where brill!

Jill really did a awesome job putting it all together! The decorations where amazing! the CAKE was out of this world! The flowers as well stunning!

Murrays kilt which is from 21st century kilts, Was epic! And his sporan which was made by a lady in Inverness (disclaimer it was road kill!!)

Check out this photos! The evening once in the life time shot was amazing. There friend had a smoke machine and we had so much fun!

Loch Ness house hotel Inerness Wedding