Windy day at Dunbar Beach..... Vicky and Scotts Engagement Shoot

So I met Vicky And Scott at The wedding Fair at Murray field wedding show. They were very newly engaged which was lovely. We then met up again and talked wedding, Packages and we got to know each other. These two then decided to book an engagement shoot. They talked where and decided they would like to go back to where Scott proposed, which was at Dunbar beach.

The story went Scott made Vicky go for a walk with there dog (Who was the cutest) but instead of going to portobello which was closer he wanted to go to Dunbar. It was windy and rainy so not lovely weather But it was going to happen on that day!

Reluctently Vicky agreed and they did the 40 minuet drive in bad weather walked on the beach in horrid weather and then hit a spot and He got down on one knee and poped the question. Vicky had no idea- dressed in wellies and waling close but she said it was perfect and it was! So we went back to the spot and we took some beautiful photos. It was still Windy but the sun was out and we got some stunning photos. Take a look for your self.

Cant wait for these two to get married, I also really hope the dog is invited too because he stole my heart….