How to find your dream Wedding Photographer!!

How to find a dream wedding photographer.

So I have been able to photograph many weddings and be involved with a lot of weddings and I always been asked the same questions. So this year my aim is to write a few blogs to help couples when planning a wedding.

So I thought would be a lot based on photography of course as I am a photographer. And I know all the answers but I also would dive in a few other areas. Now know this, I am no expert and it is just my thoughts. I don’t know everything or have the answer to everything. But I thought I would give a little insight into what I think could help a few…

So lets kick this off with the first blog of:

TIPS and Advice for finding your dream photographer…..

Word of Mouth.

So if you have been to a few weddings and liked the photographer at there wedding and loved there photos, Ask the couple. Its a lovely compliment to the couple and to that photographer.

Know the style you want..

Now I know you haven’t got much of an idea in styles but I am going to try and help you.

Traditional: These are the types of talliers that showcase very pro and proper posing. Some refer to this as an old school type of portraiture.

Photo-jouralistic: This is like exact opposite to traditional/ If a photographer is a true photojournalist photographer, there is very minimal amount of posing that they do. most of what they showcase are those of true emotions that happen during the day. Like capturing hands holding during the speeches or the tear between the mom and bride in the morning. A true photojournalist photographer will be unnoticed and quick. Most photo-journalist photographers won’t do group photos. So its a good question to ask them if they do them at all.

Lifestyle: This is a mixture of traditional and photojournalistic. this type of photography consists of giving the couple tasks to do, and documenting them doing those tasks. for example, they may ask the groom to twirl his bride or to walk together through the gardens. This can be great for the couple because it takes their minds off “posing” and it gives the photographer to capture the fun moments that happen between the couple.

Light and airy: Light and airy photography has nothing to do with what type of portraiture the photographer takes. this is the type of editing and shooting style that they have. If you take a look at there work you can tell by seeing a lot of bright imagery. Some people are really drawn to this.

Dark and moody: Again just like above but dark and moody. They may have a style which is dark under exposed images.

Meet the Photographer

My biggest must! Meet them. I always love meeting couples. Talking about there day, about the relationship and getting to know them. Its so important to like your photographer. Its so important to get a good feeling from each other. By getting on with them you then gain there trust which is so important. If you like them as well then you won’t mind them following you and photographing you all day. You want to create a relationship with them if you want too and meeting them will let you know on the first meeting.


When you start the process of contacting photographers. Notice who responds back in a timely manner. If you reach out to them at 8pm at night nd they get back to you in 24 hours, thats awesome! I am not saying you should expect a response straight away, and remember photographers work weekends! (WEDDINGS) so give them a little grace period. Also ask as many questions in an email. Every photographer should be willing and gladly give you all the information you are looking for.


Where to find a photographer

Wedding fairs. There will always be fairs at the beginning of the year or the end of the year! They are great as you get to go and meet them, Look through there work and ask questions there and then. Also some photographers offer an deal when they do fairs.

Goggle. Yep. handy google.. you just have to make sure you get the right search. “Edinburgh wedding photographer” or “ Edinburgh lifestyle wedding photographer” .

Fearless photographer- this site has photographers who are fearless and its a great site to search for some awesome photographer around the world.

There are so many photographers in Scotland, uk and the world. There will be one just for you. Best of luck finding that photographer