Shannon and Adam Windy experience.

Shannon and Adam met me at a fair and then we had a meeting and well what a couple. These two are going to have a wonderful wedding in 2020. Shannon and Adam are getting married at the Barony Castle and I am so excited. We went up Arthurs seat and it was amazing weather, a tad windy at times. But the blue sky and white fluffy clouds where out and about. I have my Fuji film cameras out to play and I focused on using the 23mm and I played with my 56mm as well. When we had our engagement session these two where away to see if they could get a flat and I am thrilled to find out they got it and are moving in to there new house! Its all go for these two and its a very exciting time. Bring on 2020 thats all I can say. Looking forward to the sparkles, balloons and confetti!