Yosr and Samual - I love Paris in the summer.

I was thrilled when these two picked me to photograph there wedding! Because it is in Paris! Yes I was sent over and was able to experience a wedding in Paris!  

The wedding in Paris was amazing. starting off at the Hotel Barriere Le Grand Hotel.  Yosr was getting her make up done by the amazingly talented Ali Andreea.   It was a beautiful hotel. And a stunning view.  But the only thing which was slightly concerning all of us was the Heat! As we all know we are experiencing a world heat wave. And Paris was no joke. By 11am it was hiring 27c. 

We then drove to the registrar. Most French wedding take place in a registra. The ceremony was conducted by samuels mother she is the deputy major. Which was a lovely addition. It seemed like a beautiful Vero by but I didn’t understand it- I failed in learning French. -  

afer the Ceromony we then drove to the last venue- chateau de Meridon! Well my breath was stollen. This venue is amazing.  By the time we arrived it was 32c and it was hot.  

The french do it so differently and I loved it! They had a cocktail hour from 6:30 till 8:30 serving prosecco and French food. There was scallops and pate and little canopies which were out of this world!  

After that the guests all enjoyed a lovely long meal. They didn’t finish till 11pm!!! The dancing started at 12:30 and wow they knew how to party! It was amazing day. HOT BUT AMAZING!  

Wonder when my next over seas adventure will be.  

Chateau de meridon

Chateau de meridon