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Rachael and Dean Norton House Wedding

Rachael and Dean 

29th July 2018

Rachael and Dean met at a wedding of there friends many years ago.  It was because two other people got married that they decided to get married. Rachaels maid of honour was that bride. And now Rachael was a bride. I wonder if any one met at there wedding? 

Rachael and Dean's day started at Norton House hotel. I arrived to do bridal prep. With the following weeks the sun had out and proud with heat of 22c. But the day of the wedding we had weather of rain threats.  Well unfortunately the rain did fall and it was a typical Scottish day.  This did not stop any ones day though. 

They got married at the Glasshouse at Norton house.  These two had there pal Marry them. Which was another amazing touch to show how close all there pals Are.  As the day went on I was told and shown how close these pals where... So much so that one pal (names I will not expose but you know who you are) had tattooed his pals names on him Bottom of the weddings he had been best man too.. Thats dedication for you as a Pal!  So as you can imagine they had some awesome pals and they were all very helpful on the day. 

These two had a lovely day and we managed to get some beautiful shots outside as the rain stopped for us. We even got a wonderful sunset. This is what Scotland does, Rains but then the shows off with a stunning show. 

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