How do we book you? 

You are officially booked once you put down a £250 non-refundable deposit & sign a contract. Then your date is set in stone! 

Im awkward in front of the camera! What do I do?!

Have no fear, this is why you hired me! I live to make people laugh and make the process super easy. I will guide you into poses that look real and authentic. Even if it feels awkward, trust me, it looks great on camera! I suggest a glass (or two) of bubbles before a session if you are really tense and need to relax!

Do you offer other sessions besides weddings?3

YES, I also shoot families, maternity, seniors and all sorts of stuff! Just shoot me an email and I can send you some gallery examples! Those sessions range from £150-£250.

How do payments and contracts work? 

I can take your payments by Bank transfer or cash.  Contracts are done online, I send you the official contract and you sign it digitally. easy! 

When is my final payment due? 

A month before your wedding. 

How many photos do I receive? 

No cap on the amount of photos I give. To estimate, its usually anywhere from 350-750 photos for 8 hour+ wedding. 

How long will it take to receive my photos? 

4-6 weeks depending on how busy the season is. I know it sometimes feels like a long time to wait, but I promise its because good things take time! You will be head over heels when you get your images. 


Can I get RAW or un-edited photos? 

I do not give RAW or un-edited photos away. They are not a good representation of my work when they are un-finished. No professional photographer who values their work will give you RAW or un-edited photos. 


Do you have a backup plan incase of sickness or emergencies?

I have NEVER had to back out of a booking for an emergency. I take my job very seriously. Of course, I have a great community of photographers that are highly skilled who would take over if for some reason something awful happened and I couldn't make it. As I professional, I always have a back up plan!

You are a little out of my budget, but I LOVE your work. Do you ever do discounted rates? 

I do, but rarely. I do believe in blessing people when I have the time. If you love my work and cant imagine your day without me, message me! I understand weddings are expensive, but also, my overall cost to run my business is very expensive. If I feel we are a good fit and its during a time that works for me, I might be able to look at creating a custom package to fit your needs. 

Do you travel out of the country?

YES! Just inquire and let me know when & where and I can send you a quote!

Are you covered by insurance? My venue requires it!

Yes I am fully covered by liability insurance. I would be happy to send them proof if they require it!

Can I bring my pet to my engagement session?

YESSSS of course! I have done tons of engagement sessions with pets, in fact, heres a photo of one right now!